At ‘Sholay’ location, the fight is between movie memories and vulnerable vultures

The 1975 blockbuster was filmed there and curious tourists, especially from outside Karnataka, continue to visit the area to look for revenge drama markers. There is none, but it may be soon.

Earlier this year, the state government tourism department proposed a theme park inspired by Sholay in Ramanagara, which is depicted as Ramgarh in the film. The theme park will include virtual reality replay of key movie moments, adventure games and a craft center on a 120-acre stretch. The location looks perfect: packed with rocks and giant but scalable hills, Ramanagara is an ideal stopover between cities.

But the State Department Forest challenged the proposal, stressed that it is illegal to build a tourist center in a forest reserve area. The parts of Sholay that fans remember – the hideout of Gabbar Singh’s house Thakur Singh and Baldev Gabbar the sequence in which he cut Thakur’s hands – are part of the Ramadevara Betta vulture Ramanagara sanctuary. The vulture sanctuary was formally established in 2012, but Vultures long faction, egyptian and white again settled in the hills of Ramanagara decades.

These are the three species found in the nine Ramanagara found in India. Alarmed by the fall of the veterinary population in recent years – approximately 97% of the long count and 99% of allies have disappeared – environmentalists and birders have campaigned for the area is considered as a sanctuary. In 2012, approximately 346.41 hectares have been affected as a protected area for vultures. It is on this level of the card that is the proposed Sholay theme park.

The Ministry of Tourism claims to have found a way out. Priyank Kharge, Minister of State for Tourism, said Scroll the tourist resort of Sholay was outside the sanctuary, but in the general area. “We still need to do a detailed project report,” he said. “Gabbar’s cave falls right into the sanctuary and obviously we do not want to disturb an environmentally sensitive area.” However, we have to find a way to recreate the den outside the sanctuary boundaries. Most popular of the film “.

Another government official revealed details of the current proposal subject to anonymity. “We expect the theme park about 10 miles from the sanctuary,” he told “It is located about two kilometers from the main road. Tourists who arrive to the region first stop at the cultural center and, if they continue on the same road, they will meet in the shrine.

But these are not firing points located inside the sanctuary? “We will organize tours through the theme park to the guided sanctuary to show people, where the film was filmed,” said the official. “Then you can go back to the park where, in an auditorium, we’ll give you some 3D virtual movie scenes.”

Ramanagara was chosen as a place by the artistic director of Sholay, Ram Yedekar. “Instead of the familiar dusty tracks, Ramesh envisions a more serious and remote location,” writes Anupama Chopra in Sholay’s Making a Classic. “I wanted a place to be isolated from civilization, a forgotten place.”

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