‘Homecoming King’ review: Hasan Minhaj’s journey from Aligarh to America is hilariously familiar

The Cannes Film Festival has offered another three-star Hindi movie opportunity to bring its followers into inaccessible places before.

Lunch in Spaghetti Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor prepare appeared in a bright dress Aishwarya Rai who carried out people who resemble Cinderella in Sex in New York – Millions of celebrity fans were treated with carefully organized snapshots of the lives of Privilege stars.

The smartphone, in the hands of star administrators and family members, has become a friend, confidant and conduit of trust. It is a tool so that beautiful women appear both accessible and fantastic at the same time, unlike the unstable paparazzo, who prefers to strip them of their aura. If an enterprising photographer managed to obtain the same images without the knowledge of the star, it would be considered a violation of privacy.

The three players had a poor rapport with the paparazzi. While Padukone had taken some of the entertainment media to publish the best plans of his spin, Bachchan kept the distance photographers academic from his professional life. Kapoor was never a paparazzi singer. It puts so much of itself there that it is very valuable to explore or to imagine.

With Instagram, however, stars who once pursued by paparazzi who were often in the back of controversial and forthright images, have established a direct and personal mode of communication with their followers. Shared images are carefully monitored, filtered and pre-recorded. Even the most seemingly innocent or casual shot has a purpose and a team behind it. For millions of fans around the world, these social media images are the preferential entrances from the Bollywood theater.

For example, Katrina Kaif, who recently participated in social networks, shared photos of her wrapped in towels, drawn from the famous series of the popular series by Mario Testino. Not long ago when the star was in relation to Ranbir Kapoor, he was photographed with him on Ibiza beach in a mismatched bikini. Kaif closed a photographer – a tourist – the caller as an invasion of privacy.

Minhaj explores career in her brand style – a mixture of fresh surprise and big eyes. As a young comedian, he is aware of the latest references to pop culture, and the sketch is peppered with communication icons as diverse as Drake and Mr. Miyagi. His team is also broad, from a light comedy about immigrant parents who even buy milk as if it were the realization of the American dream in the darkest episodes, such as when his family was threatened on September 11.

But it is through the successes and failures in love that the most poignant stories of Minhaj emerge. He relates his high crush school to a white girl, who was the recipient for a while until the race appears in the picture and the novel was stepped on. He talks about his marriage to a Hindu woman and the problems he has had to convince his father of the alliance.

Minhaj has an attractive method common to comics today, a mix of video and photos on the screen to cushion behind your computer. The funniest part of the drawing showed her clips of Facebook and Twitter interactions with the high school girl with whom she reconciled years later.

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