I wonder who they voted for’: Indians facing identity crisis in US under Trump

A student shaved his beard. A technician with a work visa is afraid that he will never get another job. A young woman says she will not see Republicans the same way again.

It is a time of confusion for the Indians of America. And although there is support in their neighborhoods, and often indignation against the “Tell them to go home” attitudes arising in the pockets of the country, the feeling of being different, stand out from the crowd has become stronger from the beginning Of the Trump crowd management.

Take Sushovan Sircar, a student at Georgetown University, Washington DC. He used to practice a thick beard and completed his nonconformist look. Last month, a 28-year cyber security student decided to shave.

“I became very aware of my skin color in recent months, after the rise of alleged hate crimes against Indians and Indians confused with” Arabs, “he said.” The last two months have seen three violent attacks Against people of Indian origin in Kansas City, Kent and South Carolina, resulting in two deaths. I did not stand out more than I did, and my family home was also worried. So I shaved my beard and the absurdity of this fear is sad. “Professional development, Apala Guhathakurta, 24, described New York as a” security bubble. ”

“The most remarkable change for me is that I find myself making new or visual contact with the parties, on the street, on the subway, I wonder who voted. I wonder if I think I do not belong, that I should go back where I came from,” he says. Guhathakurta, who moved to the United States. With his family at the age of 6 years.

At work, she said she and her colleagues were in trouble, while Hillary Clinton lost Donald Trump, who had led a major campaign in anti-immigrant and anti-outsourcing rhetoric.

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