Lenovo Surprisingly Confirms Moto Z2 Play’s 3,000mAh Battery

A representative from Lenovo confirmed Saturday that surprisingly unannounced Moto2 Game Z2 have a battery of 3,000mAh. The employee did not know what “auxin” took to Twitter to respond to a user who says Lenovo that if the latest rumours about the Z2 Moto Plays with a 3,000mAh battery was true, the company made a “big mistake.” In responding directly to criticism, the employee using Lenovo’s official Twitter account wrote that the Z2 Game Bike will feature a 3,000mAh lithium-ion battery, adding that the device will not be dismantled. It is not known whether the source of the information was alone or if the disclosure was a conscious decision of the Lenovo marketing team, but regardless of whether an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) confirming rumours about specifications of an officially announced device is actual.
In light of the fact that the full range of Lenovo Moto phones since the company plans to publish by the end of the year leaked on the Internet recently, it is possible that the Chinese technology giant has opted for a more conventional approach to promote its terminals And generate additional advertising benefits. Although it is unclear why the phone manufacturer decides to start its rumour wave of confirmation by controlling a relatively perceived negative aspect in the device – the fact that its 510mAh battery was dropped compared to Moto Z Play of the Year past. Seeing how the same man later came in the same chain of a tweet to post a link to a Lenovo community issue about the benefits of non-removable batteries, the company could tentatively try commenting its weak points next to the Telephone, although not make the last turn of events less unusual.

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