‘Nograj will get 6,000 likes when he writes hi ladies,’ says creator Danish Sait

In 2011, the Fever 104 Bangalore radio broadcast a set of voices with different names attached to them – Nograj, ASGAR, Chacko, Manjunath, Saleem, Charles Abdullah. Each character represents an ethnic stereotype and every jokes to listeners and no strong nail accents in Bangalore.

All the characters were popular, but they stayed in the imagination. Who was Nograj? It was difficult to say. Sometimes he was an employee of a municipal corporation, formerly a police officer. Sometimes he was strict father of a small daughter. At all times, he was a prankster who ate English (the language has become “caliber time”, for example) and threatened several people taking different forms.

It was when he called a boyfriend pretending to be the bride’s father. At the end of the call, Nograj made the unfortunate boy say that he had fraternal feelings towards the girl. At another time, Asgar’s character emerged as a restaurant manager and asked a vegetarian to comment on the chicken he had eaten the night before.
The calls have often ended with the victim who abused Nogra but also discovered unexpected and surprising reactions from people who believe they talk to a person of authority.

The cheerful and cheerful voice Nograj soon appeared on widely shared sound clips. Nogra cultists were in the habit of asking questions such as “Do you understand that?” And “Do you have it fast?”

The passage of the films expected. Danish sait, shimmering chanter forms behind Nograj, plays the role of a politician Humble Nograj, directed by his friend, filmmaker Saad Khan. Political satire is in its final production program.

“When Nograj came into my life, I was on the tides,” I said Scroll.in knows in an interview at his Fraser Town residence. “I just tried to revive my career. I never thought I would become almost a Planet Captain.”

The film character develops from satirical YouTube videos Sait was uploaded in 2014 as an expert. In these videos, Nograj’s bodyless voice finally has a united body, and has much to say about corruption.

India wants answers, “Nograj calls Nagaraju and acts as government spokesperson regrets that the government has made only nine scams in 10 years. It is tragic that the government has lost the opportunity to reach another round scam Nagaraju notes.

Sait tried to be himself too – he hosted two league rounds and a cricket season Pro Kabbaddi of the World Cup on television, for example – but Nograj was always in search of the corner. For a series of points for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, in the Indian Premier League in 2015, started the RCB, Sait plays with Lord Nags, a high-end version of Nograj.

Mr. Nags played football in one episode and golf in another and kept the IPL trophy without playing cricket. Nograj’s demand was insatiable. “We made videos of Christmas, Independence Day and Rajyotsava using Nograj Kannadiga and everything,” said Sait. In 2016, Sait has set the traditional Mysuru shoe, a pair of sunglasses, a thick mustache and a white shirt and made a live Facebook.

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